Vanessa Cage – The Love of a Father

Scene 1: Darkened Room
Dad enters the darkened bedroom, naked except for his bottoms. Daughter is asleep under the covers, wearing only panties and a button up pajama top. Dad stands beside the bed, takes his shorts off and stand there looking at her masturbating. He pulls the covers off with one hand while still masturbating. He stares at her for a moment, slides her on her back, unbuttons her top and exposes her breasts. He then slips off her panties and starts getting on top of her. Her eyes suddenly pop open, he jumps on top of her and clamps his hands over her mouth and starts screwing her. She kicks, tries to push him off, and screams into his hand. He screws her until he comes, gets off of her and leaves her balled up crying.
Scene 2: To Become a Woman
The Daughter is sitting at the kitchen table eating her breakfast. Dad walks up to her and starts rubbing her shoulders. She jumps then freezes in place immediately. His hands slowly move down her front unbuttoning her blouse along the way. SHE DOES NOT MOVE! He fondles her breasts. She is crying silently. He then lifts her up by her shoulders and bends her over the table. He slowly pulls her panties down and half gasps/half grunts when he sees her bare rear end. He has sex with her, cums in her mouth and tells her to clean up before she must leave for school.
Scene 3: Pillow Talk
This starts in the middle of the action. Father and daughter are totally naked in bed having sex doggie style. The daughter is crying softly but audibly and she has her face buried into the pillows. Father has sex with her in a very rough uncaring way. After coming he walks off leaving her there crying into the pillows.
Scene 4: Am I a Woman Now
Again starting in the middle of the action. Daughter is laying on her back sprawled out and Dad is on top of her screwing her missionary style. Both of them are completely naked. Her face is turned away from him. He keeps saying, “Oh this is so good.” “This feels so good.” “Daddy loves you so much.” and occasionally kisses her.
Father finishes in her mouth and Daughter responds, “Am I a Woman now”?


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