Under Cover Sluts – Father’s Day With My Daughter Holli Part 1

Check out my little daughter Holli make this the best father’s day ever. She strips down for me to hang at the pool, wakes me up with a loving handjob, blows me like only a loving daughter could, and takes a huge facial, and then fucks me after Father’s Day dinner letting me give her a creampie! I love my daughter and Father’s Day is my favorite holiday.
My daughter Holli is such a good, thoughtful, loving girl. She came out to the pool with me today and told me she’s not just gonna make it a good Father’s Day, she’s gonna make it a great Father’s WEEK. She loves me so much. As she was about to get in the pool, she complained that her bathing suit was uncomfortable. Her mom said she was allowed to skinny-dip, as long as there were no boys around, including Daddy. She asked if she could swim naked… she’s always been a free spirit, and I don’t want to discourage that. So I let her bend the rules as long as she promised not to tell Mom. It’s a little weird hanging out with my naked daughter, but wow she’s pretty just like her mother. **Preview of Part 2 included**
My sweet daughter Holli busted into my room without knocking and embarrassed the hell out of me. She knows I sleep naked, so I suspect she knew what she was doing. What’s worse is that I had 10/10 rock hard morning wood when she came in. And she didn’t leave! She sat right down on the bed and gave me her gift of a dozen donuts, trying to be sweet with Father’s day coming up. She asked if I had a boner, yeah she saw it. I told her I walk around with a boner a lot since her mother left, since I’m so lonely. She said “you’ll always have me dad, let me help”. I feel like my little girl took advantage of my horniness. It’s fucked up having your daughter give you a handjob, but how can I resist her? Nobody loves me like my daughter does. And wow I haven’t cum in a long time. She made a mess with my huge load.
My daughter Holli came to sit with me and looked upset. I asked her what’s wrong and she said “I’m sad because I don’t have any money to buy you a gift for father’s day”. It’s no big deal because what do you get for the man that has everything? She said “but I do have another idea of what I could do for you”. How could I resist my beautiful daughter as she took out those beautiful tiny tits and unzipped my pants to put daddy’s hard cock in her mouth. She kept asking me “daddy does that feel good” and saying “I love you so much, daddy”. She asked me to cum in her mouth. I might have missed a little… most of it ended up on her face. I’ve raised a good one.

My loving daughter Holli made me a steak for fathers day. I sure love this girl. When she was cleaning up in the kitchen, she told me she had one last gift for me to make this the best Father’s day ever! So she stripped down and, I couldn’t help myself, bent her over the counter and pounded her 18 year old pussy. I left a huge dripping creampie load in my little daughter.


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