Taboo TV – Victoria Breeds Her Son With Gianna

Gianna: “My husband can’t get me pregnant. I don’t know what I’m going to do”
Victoria: “What you need is a surrogate cock…my son can help with that”
Gianna wants a baby. She’s over at Victoria’s house complaining that her old man can’t get her pregnant. He either doesn’t want to or is unable to because of his age. Because she’s trophy wife her husband is 25 years older than she is. Victoria tells her that she can have a load of her son’s sperm to get her pregnant if she wants. Victoria has been fucking her son for a while now and knows he has some big loads. Gianna has never thought about using someone else’s load to get pregnant but decides it could work. She’s desperate enough to try it.
They both sneak into his bedroom and he’s pretty startled. He’s had Victoria sneak into his bedroom many times to get some cock but now here’s Mom and her friend. He’s pretty apprehensive at first. Gianna starts to suck on his cock while Victoria tells him it’s ok to fuck Mommie’s friend. Victoria knows that her tits will help get him hard so she takes them out and starts playing with them while Gianna jumps on top of him. She takes that big dick in a few positions. Gianna is here to get knocked up but can’t help having a few orgasms while doing so. When he asks if he should cum inside Gianna she lies and tells him she’s been fixed and that he can cum in her all he wants. Well, he certainly does and afterwards the ladies quickly exit back to the living room where Gianna tells Victoria that she’s sure the breeding has worked and hopes that having a baby with Victoria’s son will not affect their friendship.


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