Sydney Paige – Son Has A Crush On Beautiful Mom

“Before you go out tonight, there’s something I need to talk you about,” Mom closed her book. “Do you a minute?” You knew exactly what this was about. You had been acting strange and nervous around her lately, and she was concerned that you were hiding something, or that you were in trouble. “I’m your mother, I want to know if something is troubling you,” she said sympathetically.”Don’t look at the ground, look at me.” You hesitated to tell her what was going on – it wasn’t right, it was immoral. You weren’t supposed to have feelings like this, but you did. You had a crush on your own mother. “What do you need? What can I help you with?” Mom asked. She told you that she was getting calls from school about your lack of engagement in class. “You’re also acting oddly around your father – I need to know what’s going on. I mean, you’re not even dating…you’re going out tonight alone.” There was no point in dating. Your mom was far more beautiful than the girls at school, and you could never get her out of your head. “Me? Well honey, you’re always going to be Mommy’s special boy…I’m flattered that you admire me. Do you like my hair…my smile, personality?” she was surprised at what you had just told her. “Oh…okay, um…well honey, as your mother, I want you to be well adjusted and happy in normal everyday activities…” she proceeded to say. “What can Mommy do for you? If you want to look at Mommy, that’s fine.” She stood up and let you look at her petite, flawless figure. “I know Mommy’s quite a bit more grown up than the girls in your class,” she smiled, “but soon you’ll go to college and you’ll meet tons of girls that are mature.” She invited you to touch her body, letting you grope her beautiful, perky tits and juicy ass. “Do you feel better, sweetie?” she asked. “I want to do anything I can to help alleviate your anxiety.” Mom continued to let you explore your fantasies with her…her hand and mouth wrapping around your throbbing cock, then allowing you to penetrate her pretty pink pussy. She didn’t want you to feel embarrassed or ashamed for admiring her, for having a crush on her…and she’d do anything to make you feel better. Anything for her sweet boy.


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