Skylar Vox – After Church With My Daughter

Scene One: Staying Late With Father
My wife and my daughter just got home over an hour late from being at church! Cory is wearing a blue blouse with a black skirt and Skylar is wearing a white blouse with a black skirt. “Why were you both so late?” I ask them. “We had to help the Priest clean up,” they tell me. I am a little skeptical of their story, since I just noticed that neither one of them is wearing any underwear! “It’s very strange that you just got home from church and neither one of you has any underwear on!” I exclaim. My daughter confesses to me that the priest was looking up their skirts the entire time! “He also has us unbutton our tops… and we aren’t allowed to wear bra’s to church either!”my wife admits. I am really confused as to what kind of church these two went to this morning! They both unbutton their shirts in front of me, exposing their big tits. My wife sits down on the chair and she spreads her legs while my daughter starts to lick my wife’s pussy. “This is what the priest tells us to do in front of him!” they tell me. I am truly shocked to find this out…
Scene Two: Best Way Up Is Down On Your Knees
Skylar gets down on her knees and she goes back and forth between licking her mom’s pussy and sucking my cock. “Let’s take Skylar’s shirt off!” I tell my wife. Skylar takes my cock and she puts it in between her big, natural tits. She titty fuck’s my cock while her mother gets down on her knees next to her. Skylar starts to suck my cock in the doggy style position while her mother eats her pussy out from behind. I tell my wife to take her shirt off as well, and then she goes back to eating out Skylar’s pussy and ass. “You two are certainly doing the Lord’s work!” I tell them both. “So, what else does the Priest do with you two?” I ask them. “He also sticks his hard cock inside of your daughter’s pussy!” Cory exclaims. I want to try that out next…


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