Siena Rose – Taboo Vacation Momma Rose Gets Nasty

I have taken you on vacation with me and I tell you to go hang out with your friends because I am going to be on the nude side of our resort. You leave, but you decide to hide and spy on your mother instead. You watch me pull off my sundress and walk down the beach. I come back to my beach bed to nap and wake up to find you right there looking at me totally nude. I’m surprised, embarrassed and tell you that since you are here you should put some suntan lotion on my back. Suddenly I realize you’re hard-on is poking me in the back. I am shocked until I look down again and realize how big your cock looks in your pants. I tell you I wouldn’t mind seeing it and that no one here at the resort knows we are related. I take you up to another area in the resort where we can have some real fun – at the bar. I order and as I am talking to him, I slide my hand down to rub your crotch. The bartender says he will be back in a few minutes so I climb onto the bar and tease you. You slide your cock in me and fuck me 2 different ways. I start to realize there is quite a crowd coming around and that security is close by so I take you to my room. I fuck you POV in missionary and doggy style and then I clean your cock up and suck a nice load out of you. I’m lots of fun to vacation with.


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