Sami St. Clair – Losing it to Dad

Pulling Back the Covers
Daughter is asleep in bed wearing modest panties and some type of button up top. Dad comes in and stares at her for a while. He pulls back the covers and again stares at her for a while. He picks her up and carries her to the living room and lays her on the couch. He slips off her panties, stares briefly, unbuttons her top, fondles her breasts lightly and briefly. He undresses and get on top of her, her eyes pop open and she opens her mouth to scream, he clamps his hand over her mouth and fucks her. He nails her really hard and fast, her eyes stay wide open and she keeps trying to scream during this and push him off. When he cums he collapses on top of her, removes his hands and she cries.
9 Months Later
Daughter comes staggering into the living room. Dad asks her if she enjoyed the party. Barely able to stand. She nods groggily. Dad says, “It looks like somebody had too much to drink.” She walks off to her bedroom and lays her down.
Dad then walks to Sami’s bedroom. He takes off her sneakers and notices she is . He looks around like he’s making sure nobody is watching him. He undresses her completely undresses himself, gets on top of her and screws her. He start off very gently but then really gets into it. Afterwards he redresses her and leaves.
Nine months later… Daughter and Dad are sitting in the living room holding a baby wrapped in a blanket. Daughter says, “He’s so beautiful…” Father says, “It was a terrible thing what happened to you that night and I guess we’ll never know who took advantage of you at that party but at least something good has come out of it.”


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