Raven Winter – Taboo Vacation Mommy And Son

The Story Vacation with Mom (POV) Mom and son walk into a hotel room together. Mom talks about how happy she is to get away from home and spend time together. She wants to go to the beach but first she has to change into her bathing suit. She goes into the bathroom to change. When she comes out, she is wearing a robe. She asks her son for his opinion on her new bathing suit before she wears it in front of other people. She removes the robe and reveals a sexy leopard print bikini. She asks how she looks and if he finds her desirable as a woman. She notices his growing erection and asks if is getting turned on. She entices him further by showing off her tits and ass. She offers to give him a blowjob and starts sucking his cock. Then she mentions how wet she has become. She is really horny and starts removing the bikini. She says she has a confession to make; she is ovulating today and she didn’t bring any condoms. She is too horny to stop now though. She says it should be fine as long as he remembers to pull out. She gets on top of him and slides his cock into her pussy. While they fuck, she makes comments about much better sex is with no protection. She loves feeling his bare cock buried in her pussy. The thought of breeding with her son turns her on more than anything else. She says she is about to cum. He is too. He should pull out she suggests, but its too late. They both cum hard together and he blows a huge load deep in her fertile pussy. After his balls are completely empty, they lie beside each other on the bed while she confesses that she planned this trip around her ovulation days. She wanted to seduce him and have his baby. Today is only the first day; they still have the entire vacation to keep trying.


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