Rachel Steele – Mother at Sons Mercy

Rachel’s husband left his estate to his son. He was a bastard to Rachel all their married life and had no respect for women. With her son in control of everything he treated her badly. Rachel was at his mercy or she would be out on the streets. She came home after a day at the beach. Her son Ryan and his friend Brian were sitting on the couch. He ordered her to get them a beer. She gave it to them and started to walk away. Her son called her back. He told her he owed his buddy $10.00 and for her to blow him for it. They laughed. Rachel knew she had to do it. Her son pulled his cock out and stroked it watching his mom humiliated. He told her to suck his friend and jerk him at the same time. Then he grabbed her by the hair and forced her deep on Brian’s cock Rachel then sucked her son off. He made her take a huge facial from his buddy, and then he had her cum covered face suck him off till he frosted her face with his load. They laughed at her again. Poor Rachel!


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