PervMom – Snapchat My Snatch

Sarah Vandella is clueless when it comes to social media, but that is okay because she can always ask her stepson for help. But when he leaves, she goes a little crazy on the sexting. Sarah snaps a bunch of sexy pics of herself with those perky tits all over the place. Later on, her stepson sees her phone laying out and just has to check it out. He sees some of those sexy vids he knew she was taking, but did not expect to find one of her masturbating! It turns him on so much he has to touch himself. But while he is jerking it, his step mom walks in asks if he has seen her cell phone. She catches him, but luckily, she likes the attention he has been giving her and shows him a little attention in return. She sucks his cock and then rides him until he cums deep inside of her. A couple days later, Sarah is at it again. Now she is taking selfies with her robe open and her tits popping out. She says she needs her stepson now before his dad gets home, and he is on it like white on rice. He runs, literally SPRINTS, to her room and jumps on the bed. She is so happy to see him, she does not even notice the desperation in his eyes as he ravishes her luscious body. He fucks his stepmom in so many positions, he is not even sure where he ends and she begins anymore. If only life could always be like this!


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