Noelle Easton – Sadistic Stepmom

Sheer stockings and lace lingerie appear, your barely dressed stepmom is sneaking into your bed! She closes the curtains and gives you a naughty smirk. You listen as she tells you her master plan of seducing your dad. Her story has a sadistic twist and intrigue turns to fear as she tells you that you’re an orphan now. “Don’t worry about your mommy and daddy anymore, little boy. I’M your mommy now” she says as she starts to touch and kiss your little body all over. You tremble with fear and confusion as she tells you her darkest secrets and all your bodily control seems to slip away as she takes over. Helpless, you lie there as she pulls off your little boy underwear and wraps her motherly lips and tits around it. She tells you that she loves your young, smooth, developing body and cock and that she’s going to play with you every night. She’s your new mommy now and she’s going to use you to make herself cum anytime she wants.


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