Noelle Easton – College Step Sister Visits Home

Home visiting from my college campus, I walk in to a quiet, empty house. my step-mom and step-dad must have left to run a quick errand. To my surprise, I open my bedroom door to find my cute, young step-brother laying innocently there. We exchange hellos and I climb into bed with him. Before long, I’m telling him my deepest darkest secret as I strip naked and make him watch and listen to my naughty story. I tell him about how I found a bus full of young boys about his age broken down near my college campus. How I rescued all those cute boys and brought them back to my dorm. And how I stripped naked for them and let their little hands touch me all over. How they explored my adult body with their small, soft hands as I sucked one,and took another little boy in each of my holes all at the same time. Clearly, you’re stirring up some intense feelings in me. I need you right now, I need to ride your young developing dick. My hips slam down onto you as you experience sex for the first time. I watch your shocked little face as I do things to you that you couldn’t even imagine. Such a good little step-brother! I can’t believe I didn’t come onto you sooner. That’s going to change now, I’m going to use you all the time! We better hurry before my step-mom and step-dad get back!


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