Natalie Wonder – Mommy And The Boys

Mommy is finishing up her stretches when her very young son walks into the room. Why is mommy working out in a one piece black bathing suit??! Who knows. Mommy finishes her stretches with her ass facing her son. Mom says hi to her son and notices the boner he’s getting. She shames him about getting turned on by mommy then seduces him a little. Mom gets naked and fucks him for a little bit. Then she proclaims that she needs more young boys “like last time”. After mommy finishes fucking him, she sends her son away to send his young friends to mommy’s bedroom. Mom gets up completely naked and her son gets to see her naked ass as she walks out of the room. From here we use our imagination that mommy’s son went out and sent countless boys to mommy’s bedroom. Please be descriptive here. Just describe what the boys did to mommy, their cock sizes, that they’re young, how horny they were, how they took turns with mommy, etc. Mommy had all the boys finish inside her pussy or on her pussy. Mommy explains this while she has her boy jerk off and stand right over her. Mommy lays with her back on the bed, legs all the way back towards her head, pussy spread and masturbating while talking very dirty to her son. Son has mixed feelings of jealousy and arousal. Mommy has her boy slide his cock in and out of her pussy every so often and then is told to cum on mommy’s pussy at the end and there is visible white cum juice all over mommy’s pussy.


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