Natalie Wonder – An UnMotherly Act

Hey sweetie, you woke up…don’t mind me on top of you like this. Mommy just needs to get something from you. I need to get the sexual satisfaction that I know you can supply me with. My body is craving itright now. Be mommy’s good boy & do as I say. What? What’s that sweetie? Something wrong? No, there’s nothing wrong with me right now. My medication? No I haven’t taken it today, you’re right. But who cares, doctors exaggerate these days. Now stop complaining & listen to your mother!
I need to be satisfied so stop fighting me. What kind of a man complains when a hot, horny woman is on top of him wanting to fuck? Are you mommy’s man or Mommy’s little bitch?! I’m not going to stop! Don’t get Mommy angry, sweetie. You know what happens when I get angry.


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