MiraCuckold – Blackmailed Brother Ass-sniffing

I have a young stepbrother from my mother’s second marriage but I don’t like him so much.He is a natural born loser ,a typical momma’s boy.I hate him because he is a miserable guy but he is our mother’s favorite,My mother and her husband went on buisness trip so my loser stepbrother lives with me for a few weeks and I have a lot of surprise for him. For example ,I bought him girlish clothes and school bag and he has to wear them because I enjoy it that his classmates mock and humiliate him every day. ——- After he came home from school today,I command him to make his homework but I catch him secretly reading porn magazine.I blackmail him to be my obedient slave for this weekend or I tell his parents everything. He begs me to forgive him but I just smile scornfully at him . He is a very shy and inhibited guy and he doesn’t want it that his parents know about the porn magazine so finally my little brother accepts my offer ! Ok ,he is my slave from now and I have many kinky ideas for him! ——- COME ON SISSY ,SNIFF MY SMELLY ASSHOLE! : DEGRADING ASS SMELLING IN THE SUNSHINE! ——- i wanna completely crush my brother ‘s ego and humiliate him as much as possible.After I turned him into my sister ,now I throw him on the floor and I kneel on the couch in a doggy style position.I command him to bury his pathetic face between my sweaty butt cheeks and inhale my smelly asshole! My loser brother sniffs and smells my butthole for more than 10 minutes without stopping while I humiliate him verbally as well!


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