Mindi Mink – Yoga Pants Mom JOI

Mindi is reading a book when her son walks in. She informs him she had a great workout at the gym. She likes to stay in shape and loves being limber from her yoga sessions. He tells her that he just wants to hang out with her. He asks her to show him some of her workout routine. She shows him how she does her squats in her sexy yoga pants. He tells her that she is hot… she asks him if he masturbates thinking of her. She is going to help him with the hard on she sees developing in his pants. She starts to take her clothes off and tells him to do the same. She happily admires the size of his young, hard cock. She watches him stroke his cock and encourages him to stroke it hard. She tells him that he can not touch her… She loves to tease him. She tells him how soft and round her big tits are. She scolds him when he attempts to touch her luscious tits. She knows he has been peaking in on her as she changes her clothes. She holds up her panties and tells him to smell them. He loves her scent. She keeps up the stroking encouragement. She starts to play with her pussy and pulls it open to show him what he wants to see. She then starts to count down and wants his cum when she reaches zero. He shoots a big load of cum that she is impressed by… She tells him to not say anything to anyone else, especially his dad.


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