Lucy Mariexxxx – Mommy fucks you whilst on the phone with Daddy

Daddy is out for the afternoon, so you immediately go to Mommy’s room and sit on the end of her bed, she has been waiting for you. the moment daddy is gone, your special time can begin. In fact the moment you hear his car leave the drive your penis swells in you pants and you start fantasising of all the filthy possibilities. Your young mind is beginning to be full of dirty hot thoughts about your Mommy and the experiences you are sharing together. The moment you sit on the bed she begins to speak in her soft sensual voice, whispering sexy things into your ear.. making your cock so hard… she knows just how to make you almost cum in your pants. Soon Mommy is spreading her legs wide, rubbing her gorgeous pussy, jerking you off and playing with her wonderful tits in front of you. The inevitable happens and she starts to fuck you, neither have you can contain your insatiable desire for one another… you love to see mommy grinding on your cock…moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Even when Daddy calls her mobile she still answers the phone!!! that’s right she is fucking you whilst talking to daddy about his day, she is close to an exploding orgasm and pretending to daddy she is in pain over something else. Mommy loves you that much, she wont even stop fucking you to talk to Daddy.


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