Lady Fyre – Masturbation Lessons with Mom

I walk into your bedroom & catch you masturbating under the sheets. Now I know where all these stains on my sheets are coming from! Didn’t your older brothers teach you how to masturbate without leaving stains everywhere? No? CWell then I’ll just have to teach you. Mommy will give you a handjob. You seem to be too embarrassed to cum, and I need you to cum so I can show you how to catch it & clean it up. It’s my job to teach you life’s lessons, and if that means having sex with you, then that’s what I’ll do. Now that you’re rock hard, let’s switch back to the handjob. When you’re ready to cum, tell Mommy so I can point your cock at your chest. Wow! You shoot really far. Now I’m going to show you how to use this toilet paper to clean the cum off your neck, chest, stomach & cock. This is an important lesson, and I don’t want you ruining any more of my sheets.


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