Kymberly Jane – A Lustful Mother

Kymberly’s highschool son Is such a slob, She is constantly cleaning his room while he is at school, picking up his dirty laundry, doing his dishes, throwing out these girls he brings home, its quite the perfect living situation for him, not so much for his mother, and on this faithful day nothing is different, KymberlyJane picking up after her son, constantly cleaning his room, until she find something she shouldnt sitting in a pile of socks on the nightstand, a used condom, a filthy Full of cum used condom most likely from the slutty cheerleader he was “helping with Biology class” last night…. at first KymberlyJane is horrified, but quickly she becomes aroused at the thought of her very handsome and popular son nailing a slutty cheerleader in his mothers house, KymberlyJane Starts to Fantasize about her Sons Bulging pants, she assumes his cock must be Quite impressive, her thoughts lead her hands down to her panties, still holding the condom, kymberlyjane starts to touch herself at the thought of her Sons massive erection plowing into some tight pussy slut, she takes off her robe and collapses onto the bed, if her son came in she would be Busted, how dirty this feels fucking herself with her sons used condom, but KymberlyJane cant stop, she rubs her clip hard as she erupts in orgasm when she imagines her self in place of that slutty cheerleader.


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