Kelly Payne – Moms Special Treat

Mommy is getting ready for all the trick or treaters coming soon, by getting the halloween candy ready. You sneak a peek of mom enjoying some lolipop candies naked sucking on them & rubbing them in and all around her pussy. She notices you watching her and invites you to come watch and help her unwrap all the candies to place inside a bowl, where she uses the candies to make her cum & then precedes to finger herself & even using a dildo squirts & cums into the bowl filled with candies. Once she’s satisfied she has you help her re-wrap them for the trick or treaters. Letting you know she’ll take care of her sweet boy soon. Trick or Treaters begin to arrive and mom starts passing out her “special” treats, eventually giving you a hand job off to the side. Once the “special” candies run out Mom decides it’s time to take care of that cock of yours and gives you a nice long blow job, asking you to cum into the candy bowl. The trick or treaters won’t even know the difference, candies are sticky…. what a naughty mommy you have!


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