Kelly Payne – Mom Takes Your Virginity Age Play

Mommy Kelly is enjoying her favorite vibrator when you “accidentally” catch mommy cumming, you spy and watch until she notices you. She confronts you, and you tell her you were only hungry and wanted some breast milk. Mom explains masturbation, and that lots of mommy’s masturbate. Laying down, snuggling up with mom to nurse from her full milk filled breasts mom notices your aroused. Mom encourages you to make yourself cum, it’s only fair since you got to watch mommy cum. Although your inexperienced and not quite sure what to do, mommy comforts and encourages you to touch yourself and tells you just how to touch yourself. Watching you excites mommy while you nurse from her, and she suggests you both feel good and fuck mommy. You both cum and mommy comforts and snuggles up with you afterwards, while you breastfeed from her for your much needed nap she explains to you how you can’t tell anyone about how you fucked mommy.


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