Jocelynbaker – Moms Secret Pet Play Fetish Caught

Mommy has a secret. When Daddy is at work and her Son isn’t home she likes to dress up like a little kitty. She puts on her ears, her buttplug kitty tail and dresses up in her favorite lingerie. Mommy crawls around on the floor and sometimes curls up in a nice little spot on the couch to take a nap, too. Only today, she wants to have a nice bowl of milk. It’s her first time doing this but she’s very excited. Mommy loves lapping up milk like a little kitty..until, she hears her Son knocking on her bedroom door. She tells him to go away, but he comes in anyway. She quickly tries to cover up and give an excuse as to what she’s’s alll part of her “Halloween” costume. Her son blackmails her, telling her that he’s photographed her dressed up as a kitty and even lapping milk from her bowl, and now Mommy must suck his cock if she doesn’t want any of the PTA moms, or worse..her husbands boss to find out about her little fetish. She can’t risk her reputation being tarnished, and so she does the only thing she can, gets on her knees and opens up to suck her sons cock.