Jocelynbaker – Mommy And Son Captured Sex Slaves

Mommy and her son have been captured and turned into sex slaves! They are being put on display for privileged rich people to watch & enjoy. Mommy is told that she must lay back in the bed and call her son into the room, all while a crowded room of people observe and even touch themselves. If Mommy doesn’t want her or her son to get hurt, she will not only listen but enjoy. She does as instructed, and calls her son into the room. He is very frightened as he’s never thought of Mommy sexually AND doesn’t know what’s going on! Mommy explains to him that she is going to pleasure him while she gets herself ready using a vibrator. He seems to get more nervous, and Mommy assures him that she loves him so much and will hold him close the entire time. She even encourages him to lick and suck on her big beautiful breasts to shield him from the people jerking off around them.


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