Jocelynbaker – Caught Jerking It To Mommy’s Bras

Mommy gets home from a long day of work to find you in the living room with one of her favorite bras! She’s so upset, she can hardly speak. You’re really wanking using her bra? She needs to go to her room to calm down for a moment, only after she gets there she finds ANOTHER one of her bras. This time, with a giant splooge stain on it. Mommy calls you into her room to have a talk with you, but all you can focus on is her giant tits in her big bra. As she’s talking, she makes a piggy nose while she stops to think about what she’s going to do with you. Little does Mommy know, you ABSOLUTELY love seeing women do that! And your cock instantly throbs in your jeans. It doesn’t take long for her to notice – and soon she’s asking you if it’s the bra & underwear she’s in that have you turned on. You figure it’s probably best not to lie at this point, so you tell her yes..but you also love that piggy nose she just made. She’s a little surprised (And a bit disgusted) but she seems to compose herself. Telling you that while she’s disappointed and grossed out, you ARE her boy and she loves you more then anything. She can’t just leave you with that throbbing hard on, so, she offers to try on all her bras for you to help take care of your ever pressing erection together. Obviously, you aren’t in any position to deny her. So you take your cock out and watch Mommy try on 5 different bras for you, and she even rubs them each against your cock..asking you if this is what you like. Telling you to stroke it for her as she tries on her bras, and encouraging you to cum in Mommy’s bra while she watches. She even makes piggy noses for you while she’s trying them on and within minutes your cock is spurting cum straight into her pale pink bra. She takes it back from you to inspect the load you left, rather impressed with how much spunk you’ve shot out. And with a stern voice tells you NEVER to cum in her bras again – unless she can join in.


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