Hot Juls Fetishes – Mommy’s Bedroom Door Is Always Open

You are visiting your mommy for a few days with your new girlfriend. You always need your mom’s approval. Her bedroom door is always open whenever you need anything…But tonight you need your mommy like never before. You walk in her bedroom while she is putting on lotion, she is dressed in lacy see-through robe, red bra and panties, black stockings, the same perfume you remember. She sits you down on her bed and asks you a few questions about your new gf. There’s nothing you won’t tell her, she just pulls all the info out of you so easy…. You become so weak for her beauty and her dominant presence. She knows what she wants, she knows you have thought about it, she knows your new girlfriend will never satisfy you. “I know what my boy wants! We have always been so close…I knew you will end up in my bedroom tonight, you can’t resist mommy”. She reaches over and grabs your cock. She starts to stroke it (POV view), slowly and demanding. You can’t say “no”, you are so weak. She sits in front of you , you have perfect view of her big breasts, dark hair, her sexy lingerie. She starts to suck your cock (POV) until you cum in your her mouth. “oh sweetie, I knew you missed me…You know my bedroom door is always open”


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