Gracie – Favourite Daughter

When your sexy stepdaughter Gracie asks you to give her some money to buy her mum a birthday present, you seize the opportunity to get something in return…you tell her you’ll give her the money in exchange for seeing her with no clothes on! Being self-confessed slut, Gracie doesn’t need much convincing to peel off her clothes until she is completely NAKED on her bed. You can’t resist her gorgeous body and insist on having a WANK over her! She’s a curious girl and is quite turned on by the prospect of watching her pervy stepdad masturbate over her. She teases you with some naughty dirty talk while encouraging you to JERK YOUR COCK over her slender, toned body, perfect TITS and delicious ASS…She begs for you to SPUNK and loves watching you empty your bollocks for her…as they say, a deal’s a deal and you’ll have to cough up the money- but at least naughty Gracie knows what to do next time she wants something out of you!


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