Family Lust – Shelby’s First Anal

There are two days Shelby Paige’s step father has been impatiently waiting for – the day she turned fully legal and her graduation. For the latter he gets her a set of dildos that can be jammed into her pussy and her ass and then proceeds to give her a hand, literally. He slides the toys inside her, prepping her holes for the surprise he has for her in his pants. The more he digs into her wet holes with the sex toys, the hornier the slutty babe gets and when she’s dripping wet, her step dad decides to make his move.
He knows her backdoor has never been busted wide open and he wants to be the one to do the honors so he bends her over, parts her ass cheeks and slowly sinks his big dick inside her. Shelby Paige has never had anal sex before but she doesn’t even flinch. She takes that big dick up her ass like a true pro and actually backs her tight ass further into the dick so her ass can swallow it all. Her step daddy bangs her booty real good and then fills it with his creamy load.


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