Dallas Diamond – Mom’s Drunk

Kyle’s Mom has been out drinking again and she arrives home DRUUNK AS A SKUNK! Poor Kyle knows what this means!! Every time that Kyle’s Mom gets DRUUNK she gets HORNY and if she has no luck picking up guys at the bar she tends to pick on him! Kyle’s worst fears come to fruition on this night as Mom gets “flirty” with him and begins to go for his crotch.
Kyle tries to push his Mom’s hand away but, as she always is when she’s DRUUNK his Mom is very persistent!! After a few failed attempts to get his DRUUNK Mom to go to bed. Kyle realizes that the only way to get rid of her when she is like this is to give her what she wants!!! Kyle reluctantly takes off his pants and gives his Mom what she needs. He lets her Suck his cock until it is hard and then, the disgusted Kyle, Pounds his Mom in several positions, while she screams and hollers in Ecstasy until he fills his Mom’s Pussy at which point his DRUUNK Mom falls asleep.


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