Cory Chase & Nikki Brooks – Remote Control Wife

Luke is on the phone with his boss, telling him all about the remote control that controls his wife and his sister. Cory and Nikki are standing up against the wall in white, lace lingerie and they are both frozen under the remote control’s spell. “Lesbian sex bots activate!” he says to the remote. Nikki and Cory suddenly unfreeze and start running their hands up and down each other’s bodies. Luke commands them to get down on their knees and suck his cock. “Cory’s the one who taught me how to suck dick!” Nikki exclaims. The two MILF’s take turns sucking his dick and “popping” it like a lollipop in their mouths! Nikki happily strips out of her clothes and then lies down on her back so Luke can stick his cock inside of her pussy while Cory sits behind them and watches. “Oh honey, don’t you love fucking a pair of sisters?!” Nikki says. Luke pulls his cock out of Nikki’s pussy and shoves it in Cory’s mouth so he can use her for a blowjob. Then he shoves his hard cock back inside of Nikki’s pussy. “Cum on your husband’s cock!” Cory tells her.
Nikki gets close to cumming and then Luke unfreezes her. Nikki starts to panic over the fact that she’s having a threesome with her sister and her husband! She is repulsed by this but she is also confused as to why she feels like she’s about to cum! Luke flips Nikki over in to the doggy style position so he can fuck her while Nikki eats Cory’s pussy out. Then they switch places and Cory gets in to the doggy style position to eat Nikki’s pussy while Luke fucks her. Nikki instructs her to cum all over her husband’s cock now! They move down to the floor and Nikki hops on top of Luke so she can ride his cock for a bit. “Are you girls ready for a facial?!” he asks his wife and her sister. The MILF’s get down on their knees and Luke jerks his cock off on their faces… Then he takes a picture of them together so he can show his boss! “I have a good idea… Why don’t you two kiss one more time?” he asks them. Once they kiss, he freezes them again! Now he can peacefully go out to dinner with his boss…


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