Cory Chase – Mom Caught me with Her Panties

There is no better scent than that of my Mom’s pussy. I have been stealing her panties and rubbing them on my cock since my first boner. Last night Mom had date night with the girls so I did not lock my door. I pulled her panties from under my pillow and began to rub my cock. Just then she walks in and catches me. I was expecting her to get upset, but when I told her I was having trouble relieving the pressure in my balls she offered to lend a hand.
She was dressed so sexy as she pulls down my boxers and strokes my cock. I tried to last as long as I could but she tugs my cock till I gush into her hand. She lets me know it is okay to cum in Mother’s hand and she was leaving my room to freshen up.
I could not believe I tricked my Mom into stroking my cock. Next time I am getting a blowjob!


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