Cory Chase Dixie Lynn in New Cuckquean Scene 4

Scene One: Home Late
Cory is waiting in her kitchen for her daughter to come home, and she is very upset at how late she is! “She is going to be grounded for at least 2 weeks!” Cory says to herself. Dixie ends up walking in the door this morning when she was supposed to be home at midnight last night! Cory is furious and she tells Dixie to go to her father to find out what her punishment will be. Dixie walks over to her father and she explains to him what just happened… Luke is too busy with looking through his work papers to really pay attention to Dixie right now. Dixie takes her hand and puts it under the table and she starts to jerk her daddy’s cock. Cory walks in the room but she doesn’t notice what is secretly going on under the table. Luke tells Cory that Dixie will be grounded for 2 weeks and she will also work at his office for the next 2 weeks without getting paid! When Cory leaves the room, Luke starts to grab at his daughter’s perky tits. “I remember when your mother’s were this perky! That was a long time ago!” he tells her. Dixie grabs her daddy’s shorts as he stands up, and she pulls his cock out of his pants. She starts to suck his cock but he gets nervous and walks away from his daughter… She strips completely naked and decides to follow him…
Scene Two: Cooking the Plan
Luke is in the kitchen making coffee, when his daughter walks in to the kitchen completely naked. She gets down on her knees and starts to suck her daddy’s cock! “I hope your mother doesn’t walk in on us!” Luke exclaims. Dixie is determined to get out of being grounded and she is willing to do whatever it takes! She gets on top of the kitchen counter and she spreads her legs. Luke starts to eat his daughter’s pussy out and then he tells her that she is no longer grounded but they have to lie to Cory and pretend that she is still grounded! Dixie moves over to the kitchen chair and Luke sucks on her nipples before shoving his cock inside of her. “Damn, you’re tight!” he tells his daughter. She takes her hand and covers her mouth to try and muffle her screams so her mother won’t hear them! He bends her over in the doggy style position on the chair and he fucks her pussy from behind. “Oh, daddy!” she moans over and over. He cums deep inside his daughter’s pussy and then he tells her to go get dressed before her mother catches them…


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