Cory Chase & Clover Baltimore – Sisters Swallow Best

Clover is getting ready to go back home, but before she does, she decides to have a little bit of fun with her sister! “Why don’t you lie back on the bed?” Clover tells Cory. The two of them pull their shirts off, exposing their big tits. They call out to Luke in the other room, to try and get him to join them. He tells them that he is busy but he’ll be there in a minute! The sisters go back to making out with each other while they wait for Luke. Clover pulls her shorts off and she doesn’t have any panties on underneath. Luke finally walks in to the room and immediately pulls Cory’s shorts off. Cory starts to eat Clover’s pussy while Luke fucks Cory’s pussy from behind. “Get my cock good and wet before you stick it in my sister’s pussy!” Luke tells his wife. Luke starts to fuck Clover’s pussy while he finger’s Cory’s ass. Cory is licking Clover’s big tits while Luke fingers her ass hole. Clover flips over on her stomach, so her brother can fuck her pussy from behind. Cory sucks Luke’s cock before sticking his cock back inside of Clover’s pussy. Luke goes to fuck his wife again while Cory licks Clover’s ass and pussy! Then Luke tells his wife and sister to lie down next to each other, so he can take turns fucking them both. Luke goes back and forth between fucking his wife and then his sister. “How about I cum in Clover’s mouth and you two can share it?” Luke suggests. Luke fucks Clover’s pussy until he gets close to cumming. Then he pulls his cock out and jerks it off in to Clover’s mouth. Clover then kisses Cory and the two of them share his cum…


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