Cory Chase & Clover Baltimore – Family Summer

Johnny is finally going back to college to start his sophomore year of college! He is waiting for his mom to drive him to the airport, but she is late like usual! Clover is still horny, and she begs Johnny to let her suck his cock one last time! He still thinks that this new family dynamic is really weird, but he can’t deny that Aunt Clover’s blowjobs feel great! While she is sucking his cock, both of Johnny’s parents walk in to the room and sit down on the couch right next to him! Luke ends up walking out of the room a few minutes later, but Cory decides to stay and join her son and sister-in-law! “I’m going to miss the taste of this cock!” Clover exclaims. Cory bends down and sticks her son’s cock in her mouth too. “Why don’t you suck my balls, Aunt Clover?” Johnny asks. His mom continues to suck on his cock while Clover licks his balls. “Should I sit on top of his dick?” Clover asks Cory. Cory tells her to do it, since Johnny will be leaving for college soon and this will be her last chance for a while! Clover hops on top of Johnny’s cock and the two of them have sex right in front of his mom! “Fuck that gorgeous pink pussy!” Cory tells Johnny. “I love watching my son’s cock penetrate you, Clover!” Clover tells him to cum all over her face. He fucks her in the missionary position, while licking her nipples. He pulls his cock out and explodes all over her face and in her mouth. “Bye Clover! I’ll see you next summer!” Johnny says to his favorite aunt before he leaves..


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