Carmen Valentina – Mom And Son Cuddle In Cold Weather

“Brrr, it’s cooold!” Mom said shivering underneath the heavy blanket. “Hey honey, why don’t you get in the bed with me so we can warm up together.” She lifted the blanket for you to slide in and told you to get closer. “I’m freezing, you can see my goosebumps,” she said, then frantically rubbed her arms to warm herself up. “Hold me, get in closer,” she said as she rubbed your arms. Mom’s body was cold and pressed against yours, exposed and bare in her pink, sparkly lingerie, and the friction between you two accidentally caused a hard-on. “What…is…that?” Mom paused and looked at you with wide eyes. “Honey, um…was that caused by me rubbing up on you? You have…an erection down there,” she said awkwardly. “Are you okay? I’m sorry – I didn’t know this would make you feel really good. Do you want to keep snuggling with me?” Mom tried to resolve the problem without embarrassing you anymore, and even offered to help take care of it. “Your little problem will go away, and we’ll be nice and toasty in the bed together,” she said sweetly. She slid her hand underneath the covers to your cock and began stroking you, and the both of you started to warm up. “Mommy will take care of everything,” she smiled, “you just sit back and relax.” She continued to jerk you off, then got down onto the bed to put your hard cock into her mouth. “I’m still so cold,” she said rubbing her arms, then offered her warm pussy for the both of you to heat up with. Once the both of you had cum together, you were nice and toasty, and you could snuggle without anymore problems.


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