Buddahs Playground – Under Mommys Top

Oh no ! You have came home early from school again. I think that you are wise to how slutty mommy always dresses while you are out. Every single time you know that your daddy is gone out of town you always manage to come home early to catch mommy in her slutty clothes. Today mommy wants to share something with you. Sit down sweetie, let mommy take her top off for you. Look at mamas kitties and touch yourself . It is ok. It will just be between you and I. You can never ever tell anyone. Not even your best friend ok? Mommy’s hands are really soft aren’t they? Come here and touch my breasts too. I Can’t help but to notice that your cock is so much thicker and bigger than your daddy. I bet you could really make a girl scream with that. Maybe I will have to see one day. Come and play with mommy and do things just as I say ok honey? You will feel super good in the end.


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