Ashley Fires – Mommy Vs Daughter Sex Off

Part 1
Little Sadie was soo upset! She was crying and carrying on when her Mom came in her bedroom. “What’s wrong now?” Mom asks with an eye roll. She knows her daughter has a tendency to be very dramatic. She tells her Mom to get out and she never wants to see her again! “Why, what did I do?” Mom inquires. Sadie tells her that she knows what she did with her Brother and how she told him that he was no longer allowed to sleep with his sister anymore. Mom explains that her Brother was becoming a man now and needed a real woman like his Mother and not some little girl. “That’s not fair! I can’t help that I am younger!” Sadie cries! She begs her Mommy to let her fuck her Brother over and over until Mom gives in. “Ok, you can fuck him if you can make Mommy cum?” Sadie was very confused. “You are going to lick Mommy’s pussy until she cums.” Mom tells her. But Sadie still did not understand what Mom wanted. She had never been with a girl before and did not know what to do. She didn’t want to but if it meant she could fuck her Brother again she would do anything. “Don’t worry Mommy will show you how” as she grabs her head and forces on to her pussy. When Mommy was finished using her Daughters face as her own personal fuck toy she tells her that she still won’t let her sleep with her Brother. Mom tells her that she just can’t handle her Brother big cock like Mom can. Sadie get’s mad and says to her Mom that her Brother would rather fuck her and she was better in bed that her Mom was! Mom was now angry and yells for Alex to come to his sisters bedroom. When he comes in he see’s his Mom playing with his Sister breasts. “OMFG Mom! Do you have to have sex with everyone in this family!” Alex yells! His Mom explains how his Sister thinks she is better at sex then her and he had to tell her who is better! Alex could not believe this was happening. His Mom and Sister were asking which was was better at fucking! He told them he could choose, that it’s not like that. Just then Mom proclaims Alex will fuck them both right now and we’ll see which one of us is better! Then she grabs her Daughter hair and leads her to her Brother’s cock and forces her to start sucking it! This is the beginning of a good old fashion Family Sex Off!
Part 2
I ripped my little girls tights open and told my Son to come fuck her! He started to go slow and easy knowing she has not had that much sex yet. Her tight pussy is still very delicate. But since this is a friendly family competition I told Alex to fuck her hard like he does his Mommy’s! Let’s see if her pussy can take a pounding by such a big cock! She starts crying and saying it hurts but feels good. I slap her face and tell her to shut up and take it like the slut she wants to be! I pull her up and make her gag on her Brother’s cock. If she wants to be like me then she had better learn to take it down her throat! Her eyes water and drool runs down her body as she takes every inch in her mouth. I tell her to lick Mommy’s pussy while I ride her Brother’s cock and show her how it’s done! My Son fucks me so good and hard! Sadie’s face looks sad as she watches me take her Brother for all he’s worth and he is loving it! I make him tell me how much he loves to fuck his Mommy! In the end I let him fuck his Sister and it was some intense fucking. I could see how much they love having sex with each other. It’s almost a shame that this may be the last time.He started to cum but I made him pull out of her pussy.Some cum still shot in there and my little girl isn’t on birth control. And his sperm belongs to Mommy so I suck it all out and lick up the rest around her pussy. She begs for it and tells me she needs her Brother’s cum inside of her! And being the Good Mom that I am I share it with her.Now it was time for Alex to tell which one of us he likes to fuck more, his Sister or his Mother?


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